Blended Learning

You don’t need  your IT department or a district-wide adoption. You don’t even need to know how to code!

Worldclass is the perfect solution for educators like you, who are interested in enabling blended learning and ‘flipped classroom’ experiences for their students.
Launch a FREE worldclass account and use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build engaging learning experiences with resources from all around the web.

Reports and analytics

Our powerful analytics module provides you with progress reports on each student, course and class.
Get instant visibility and detailed timelines and performance of every single student.
You can also export the data in a secure method and analyse it offline or using a BI tool of your choice.


Go ahead and create real-world SAT, GMAT, ACT, LSAT or any other test you’re teaching for.


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Built for Mobile

Your academy comes complete with a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS!

Give your students the chance to practice on the go, view HD video lessons and engage in discussions with their peers.


Different access levels between guest signups and your students allow you to set discounted prices or promotions and control exactly which users see and can access each course you publish

More features?

100% white-label mobile app

That’s right – no more any of that “mobile web” or “mobile optimised”..

When you signup and create an academy with worldclass, you get a fully native mobile app on the app store.

Your users get a seamless experience on mobile and you gain complete control from the same admin panel on any aspect of the app content, look and feel.

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Advanced access restrictions

Invite users directly from your admin panel while assigning them with access permission level.

You can choose to allow users to signup on your academy front page or keep your academy private with “invite only” mode.

Groups and instructors

One of our most powerful user management features is the ability to create groups of users and assign each group with a group admin.

This is especially useful if you want to assign courses to specific groups and enable instructors to only view data of specific users.

Custom notifications

Set your own preferences as to who gets what type of notifications.

Common notifications such as user signups or payments will always be sent to academy admins but you can add additional members of your staff to each type of notificaiton

Controlled signup

You can set your academy to allow guest signups or set your academy to be fully private. You also have control over what signup methods to allow – social, email etc.

This is useful for when you want your content to remain private and pre-approve or batch upload users.

Advanced dashboard

All the information you and your team members need to run an efficient online presence.

Anything from levels of activity to points achieved by your users is accessible and you can drill down to a specific group, user or date range to focus on things that matter.

Your data is yours

If our custom built data tools aren’t enough..
We offer the ability (premium accounts only) to port your realtime events data to any analytics service or DB of your choice. You can slice and dice your data anyway you see fit using the tools you’re already familiar with.

User timelines

Each meaningful action one of your users performs on your academy is recorded and accessible to admins in the user profile.

Custom Reports

With our powerful reports module you get a clear view of your content, users and engagement levels.

Course creation wizard

Simple enough for everyone on your team to use but powerful enough to build a course using any conceivable modality out there!

Presentations, videos, audio, tests, articles and so much more..

Feel free to use any HTML based content on the internet – we keep getting surprised but what is possible with some creativity (and our powerful editor that is)

Math writing

With our inline equation editor you can create math, geometry, graphs and scientific questions with ease.

Full Localisation

We offer translations to many popular languages. Need support for a language we somehow overlooked? Not a problem! shoot us an email and we’ll work it out in 3-4 days.

Worldclass is also among the only e-learning solutions with native right-to-left support (Arabic, Hebrew and more).

Interactive content

Collect responses from your users with free-text answers.
Enable users to comment inline and instructors to provide feedback with our commenting system.

Beyond simple quizzes

Granular control over every aspect of the test experience:

Multi-chapter tests, time limits per chapter or question, display immediate feedback or let the student practice a real simulation, randomise question order and many more features.

Build tests that look and behave just like the real-world tests you’re prepping for: SAT. LSAT, GMAT, ACT or technical certifications.

Provide feedback

Users can share their results directly from the test to ask for feedback or assistance. Incredibly useful for managing a large group of learners with many instructors.

Inform your users

Every user will get a detailed performance breakdown with the ability to drill-down to specific questions and review them.

Users also see their performance in respect to group averages and their relative rank in the group.


Motivate users to practice and gain points by showing them how they rank.

Your brand, your look

Tweak any aspect of the academy appearance right from your admin panel – fonts, colours, logos, slider images and more.

For premium accounts, we also offer full CSS / HTML customisation so you could really fine-tune the details. We also offer professional design services from front-end developers and designers who are already familiar with the platform to get the job done for you in a matter of days.

Modern UI/UX

Had it with LMS software from the 90’s?
Good. We killed oldschool student portals!
With Worldclass, you’re getting a web and mobile app that are quick, slick, polished and 100% customisable.

Discussions and social

Integrated sharing and commenting features are already built into worldclass.

Shares and likes will be linked to YOUR academy not our webpage so you enjoy the incoming traffic.

Discussion boards and threaded conversations allow your users to discuss and comment on content and stay engaged for longer.


Points, badges and leaderboards are all part of your user journey.

Your academy comes ready to go with a programmable set of 25 cool, hand-made badges for certain milestones.

Points are allocated to activities automatically by difficulty and contribution of sections to the overall user motivation (we can through in some buzzwords like predictive analytics and big-data here but the point is – you don’t need to do a thing)

Sell courses online

Our commerce module allows you to go beyond “pay-per-use”.
Create advanced discount and pricing tiers or provide subscriptions.

We support your payment gateway of preference: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe or ACH transfer.

Importantly: We don’t take a cut of your sales!

Need a feature that isn’t here? We’ll build it for you.