Everything You Need To Create World-Class Online Courses

Your own mobile app


None of that ‘mobile optimised’ or ‘responsive’ stuff.

With Worldclass you get your own native apps on the iOS and Android app stores!

That’s right: your own native mobile apps with full control of branding, pricing and content


Your own web portal


Select your academy name, get your custom domain, SSL certificate and unlimited hosting.

Get going!

Integrate with your existing website

Embed your Worldclass.io academy into a page or use our WordPress or Weebly widgets.

The Most Powerful Course Builder in the Universe

Intuitive drag & drop editor

Add texts, images, videos, files, polls, questions and virtually anything else you can think of in minutes. Absolutely no coding is needed! If you are into coding however, you can edit raw html/css as well.

Powerful assessments and test builder

Our QuizCore™ engine ets you control any aspect of your online assessments:

Use many question templates: multiple choice, true/false, single/multi-answer, fill-in the banks, essay and more!

Create graded simulation exams or simple practice ones. Single or multi-chapter tests with or without time limits.

Your users will get exact stats, progress reports and suggestions for what to practice next

Manage your users with full visibility and contorl

Privacy and access controls

Set your academy to private or public. Make it ‘invite only’ or open for self-signups. Invite your staff and other admins to collaborate online.

Detailed analytics

Assign users to groups and roles. Get full activity reports and detailed timeline of every user, group and course in your academy.

Powerful integrations

Connect your academy to over 500 other web apps! Integrate with google docs, sheets, Salesforce, Mailchimp or any other software you’re using to promote and track your business.

Customize… Everything!

Set your own pricing

Make your apps free or paid, one-time or subscription based.
You can even sell course bundles!

DIY look & feel

Deploy your own app design with granular control over skins, app-store content, screenshots and links.


Award your users with points and custom badges for completing tasks and increase course engagement

More features?

Your own payment gateway

Connect your own payment gateway and enjoy real-time fund transfers and 0% fees.

Unlimited HD streaming

Upload as many videos as you’d like. Your users will get them in full HD quality on any device, anywhere in the world!

Discussions and comments

Add comments and discussion forums to your courses and let your users and team connect in a private and safe environment

Always on, free hosting and domain

You create the content, we make sure it is always on. With hourly backups and redundancies across multiple sites world-wide, your data is safe with us

SSL certificate

Your Worldclass academy comes with a free, unlimited SSL certificate

Single Sign On (SSO)

Need to integrate your academy to an existing user management system like Salesforce, Microsoft or others? We’ve got your back!

Need something special?
Ready to set your first online course?